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Name:Witchy Recipes
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Recipes for cooking, natural remedies, natural personal care products, incense, etc.
This is a community to share recipes that are of interest to pagans. Please do not post spells here. There are plenty of communities for that kind of thing. Discussion is allowed, but keep it on topic, please.

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altar, altars, alternative healing, alternative health, alternative medicine, apothecary, aromatic herbs, balms, books, candle, candle making, candles, cauldron, cauldrons, charm, charms, cookbook, cookbooks, cooking, cooking with fresh herbs, cottage witch, cottage witchcraft, cottage witchery, cottage witches, decoction, decoctions, dried flowers, dried herbs, earth, earth-based spirituality, essential oil, essential oils, feast, feasting, feasts, fire, fires, flower, flower garden, flower gardens, flowers, folklore, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, fruit trees, garden, gardeners, gardening, gardens, green witch, green witchcraft, green witchery, green witches, growing herbs, growing vegetables, healers, healing, health, healthy food, hearth witch, hearth witchcraft, hearth witchery, hearth witches, hedge witch, hedge witchcraft, hedge witchery, hedge witches, herb, herb garden, herb gardens, herb lore, herb powders, herbal, herbal bath, herbal baths, herbal healing, herbal magic, herbal medication, herbal medicine, herbal remedies, herbal soap, herbal soaps, herbal spells, herbal tea, herbal teas, herbalism, herbalists, herbology, herbs, home remedies, incense, incenses, indoor gardening, kitchen magic, kitchen spells, kitchen witch, kitchen witchcraft, kitchen witchery, kitchen witches, leaf, leaves, magic, medicinal herb, medicinal herbs, mineral baths, moon magic, natural healing, natural health, natural medicine, nature, oil, oils, ointments, old ways, outdoor gardening, pagan, pagan books, paganism, pagans, plant, plants, recipes, root, roots, sachet, sachets, seed, seeds, soap, soap making, soaps, talisman, talismans, tea, teas, tincture, tinctures, trees, vegetable garden, vegetable gardens, wildcraft, wildcrafting, wildflowers, wise woman, witch, witchcraft, witchery, witches, wreath, wreaths
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